Feasibility Study

We are able to advise on the feasibility and appropriateness of a business and help evaluate available options. Our team could provide advance preparation of an appropriate group structure, close examination of the business and detailed planning. By leveraging our expertise and experience in the industry.

  • Due diligence
    • examine the businesses in the Group and carry out due diligence in its principal operation;
    • identify major issues which are possible hurdles;
    • review the client’s past financial performance and discuss with the reporting accountants the accounting issues.
  • Business plan
    • assist to assess and modify the existing business models with a view to enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency;
    • prepare business plans/proposals highlighting the strengths and edges of the clients;
    • circulate the business plans to potential investors and business partners to boost the profile of clients.
  • Ongoing monitoring and supervision
    • assist to monitor the business development and operations, internal controls and corporate governance on an ongoing basis;
    • provide timely access and advisory support to the clients;
    • ensure the normal course of business and the track record are able to comply with the regulation.


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