Merger & Acquisition Advisory and Asset-Plus Strategy

Merger & Acquisition Advisory

With our experiences of working closely with listed corporations, we support networking with M & A investors from both in Hong Kong and China to all over the world. Our business scope ranges from National Clients to SMEs and Funds. We delivers transaction-focused strategic advices to clients. No matter our client are looking for guidance or potential investors, our team has proven expertise in executing the best deals.

SNA advises companies looking to grow through acquisitions or realize the value of their business through a well-planned and timely exit. We work with our clients through the process, including collaborating and negotiating with other professionals (e.g. accountants, financial advisers and lawyers).

Based on our extensive network of professional and business contacts, SNA is also well positioned to help companies seeking to divest or acquire a business. We help to identify, contact and screen prospective investors or buyers, finding the right partner for the transaction and ensuring our clients receive the best value from their business.

We help clients review their business, perform independent valuations, articulate their value and enter into discussions with prospective parties while meeting an array of regulatory requirements.

The experience acquired through our valuation division also enables us to assess and establish appropriate equity structures, pricing and financial arrangements.

Asset-Plus Strategy

Our Cost Management Specialists focus on helping clients to achieve maximum cost efficiencies within a short- to medium-term.

The team draws from our valuation experience to systematically analyze overheads, business expenditure and other records to identify and release potential savings from existing cost structure. This approach has delivered savings of between 10% and 60% for our clients.

We help clients realize the maximum value from their suppliers while minimizing overheads such as advertising, packaging and storage. We offer an ongoing monitoring service to help clients ensure that reductions are maintained, freeing clients to focus on running their core business. This improves the client’s bottom line with little to no financial risk.

Our clients operate across a wide range of industries from banking to consumer goods, to insurance, printing and transportation among others.

We apply our in-depth experience and valuable foresight enable our clients to maximize the asset with effective solutions.



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